Global Sales Skills

Selling to culturally diverse clients

Global sales skills are a necessity in today's culturally diverse workforce. Whether you're selling locally or globally, training your sales force to be culturally aware can make the difference between winning or losing a large deal or account.


You are an account executive calling on a firm that is headquartered out of Korea. You have great relationships with the local management team and own most of the business in the account. You find out that a new manager is moving from Korea to take over operations responsibility and he will be key to your future success within the account. Are you going to blindly go in and possibly jeopardize the future business by offending this person inadvertently? Or should you call GC to help insure your success during the first few meetings with this very important person?

There are multiples of Asian and European headquartered businesses in the US where the scenario described above is common. While the employees and middle management may be local the top level manager/s are usually here as Foreign Service Employees or Expats. Cultivating and retaining a business relationship with these folks can make the difference between crushing the competition or simply co-existing within the account with others.