Basic Cultural Awareness

"Cultural Competence is no longer a nice skill to have; it is an economic necessity."
-Brake and Walker, Doing Business Internationally

This is a true and powerful statement in today’s global climate. Even if you don’t travel internationally you encounter international people in your business and personal dealings. You cannot afford to act the same way and say the same things to every person that sits across the desk from you. You have to adjust according to each person’s position, cultural background, experience and a host of other attributes.

With GC at your side you will no longer be the proverbial “one trick pony”. You will be able to confidently and successfully do business with your culturally diverse business colleagues and clients.

If you do travel internationally basic cultural awareness is mandatory. For example, you are traveling to India for the first time. You have a delegation meeting you there so you assume incorrectly you don’t need to do homework and prepare for your trip. Having a session with GC to prepare you with the cultural shock you will inevitably encounter can be the difference between having a successful and enjoyable trip versus a miserable experience and possible failed business objectives.

Here is a small sampling of comments I have received from C level people that were not prepared for their business trips overseas. Seriously I cannot make this stuff up!

“To prepare for my trip to India I went out and rented the movie ‘Gandhi’. I was so impressed and talked about it with the potential clients. Everything was going so well but in the end they ended up not signing on with me”. CEO

“Oh my first trip to Italy was a disappointment. The food there was nothing like Olive Garden”. CIO

“I really dislike going to different countries because I find it difficult to deal with non-English speakers and eating foods that I’m not accustomed to”. General Manager

Avoid these types of amateur faux pas by enlisting GC as your personal information resource for your unique and specific needs.