About Us

Our business objective is to provide cross cultural knowledge that enables your global success. Don't just say you're global in name, help us make you truly a global entity. We will provide you with basic background knowledge to effectively negotiate and deal with your global counterparts. This could be an employee, a co-worker, supplier, customer or business partner in another part of the world. We want you to keep ahead of your competition and positively affect your bottom line.

Mononita Ghosal, President and CEO

I have over twenty five years of experience helping multinational corporations negotiate complex deals and orgainze global initiatives designed to address the ever changing market landscape. I am of Indian origin and consider myself to be truly multicultural having grown up in India, worked and lived in the US and Singapore. I can help build and train cross functional, international teams, create and implement corporate programs and initiatives that achieve short and long term organizational goals. Expertise working with senior management to identify and prioritize organizational needs such as developing mission focused strategies to improve operational effectiveness and efficiency.  Working at both MNCs and start ups gives me the well rounded experience to help with a variety of global business issues. Cultural awareness has been a personal passion of mine and I am excited at the opportunity to share my experiences and knowledge.

I hope to have the opportunity to work with you personally in the very near future. Please contact us to find out more about our company and services. info@globallycompetent.net


 What qualifies me?

Global sales and marketing experience in Europe, Asia and Australia

Business development in India, Australia and New Zealand

Managed employees in multiple countries

Worked with channel partners and OEMs in Japan and India

Trade show organization in England and France

Worked for German headquartered company with global offices

Experience negotiating with government personnel from the middle east